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STA Travel Deutschland sucks/ist beschissen!

September 8, 2010

I had booked a return trip with STA Travel Deutschland (Germany) and I find their service was really unacceptable. Following is my complaint e-mail:

Dear STA Travel manager,
I had made a booking on your website and I was unsatisfied by the
service. My order number was *removed for privacy*, a return trip from Duesseldorf to
Bangkok via Dubai with Emirates. I made the booking on the website on
Monday 06.09.2010 around 3pm. I paid by online transfer service. I was
not given any confirmation at all except the confirmation page on the
website. I would have no reference if I had not print the page. I
wrote an e-mail inquiring on the issue but there was no response at
all. I had waited until around 11pm on Tuesday 07.09.2010 before I
called to the office. An officer said the tickets were not issued yet.
I doubt if I had not called, the tickets would never be issued. Later
on the day, I got the receipt and the confirmation. I looked up the
itinerary details on and found out that I had a
checked baggage allowance of 20 kg between Dubai and Bangkok. There
was no where in the booking process stated the limitation, so I
assumed that it should be according to the airline’s rule, which is 30
kg. So, I called your office again around 4pm. A female officer
answered the phone and promised to look into the issue and would send
me an update via e-mail. I waited until 10am today before I sent
another e-mail inquiring the issue. An officer named Simone answered
that it was not a mistake but did not refer to any document. So, I
sent another e-mail to ask for the reference. There was no answer
again, so I called. The officer said that I should get 30 kg but he
could do nothing about that and advised me to contact the airline
directly. As far as I know, when I booked a ticket with a travel
agency, it is the agency’s responsibility to solve the issue. I called
the airline anyway. An airline officer told me that I will get 30 kg
of allowance but they cannot change the information on the itinerary
website, I have to contact the agency.

In conclusion, I am not pleased with the service because:
1) I doubt the tickets would never be issued if I had not called;
2) I had to make so many phone calls to settle the issues;
3) your officers were not helpful.

I hope to hear what measures you will take on this issue. With this
level of service, I will avoid using your service again and will not
recommend anyone to use your service.

Best regards,

And here is the answer from Simone, the only answer I got via e-mail.

Hi Kittipat,

it´s not a mistake :O( There are only 20 kg on these destination. If you have more than 20 kg you have to pay 30-50 € per kilo.

Best regards


So, let me say again:

STA Travel Germany sucks!

STA Travel Deustchland ist beschissen!

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  1. September 9, 2010 10:16 am

    Hi Kittipat,

    no question – you’re right, something went really wrong here! On behalf of STA Travel Germany I’d like to apologize to you about the inconvenience we caused. This morning, I tried everything to figure out how the peck of errors have occured:

    1) We couldn’t find out why the (automatically generated) email right after your booking on Monday didn’t arrive! Your email address was typed in correctly. So if the email wasn’t absorbed by your SPAM filter then this is a problem that leaves us clueless. Very sorry about this!

    2) It takes up to 24h to issue tickets that were booked online because they are handled manually at STA Travel. It is pretty normal that your tickets havent’s been issued the morning after your booking. I guarantee that they would have been issued even if you haven’t called!

    3) The luggage limit was a real headscratcher. My colleague Heidrun had to call Emirates to find out why there is a 20kg limit on your ticket. They found out it was a technical problem in the travel distribution system – my colleague Simone couldn’t know this… she trusted the system and therefore gave you a wrong answer. Apologies from STA Travel and Emirates about this!

    Emirates confirmed via telephone that you CAN take 30 kg of luggage on your flight – so please ignore the wrong number on your ticket! They also guaranteed that you won’t have any problems at the airport at the baggage drop off.

    I can totally understand why you were displeased with us. I know we can do better! STA Travel wishes you happy and safe travels to your home country.


    • kittipatv permalink*
      September 9, 2010 10:42 am

      Hi Karen,
      apology accepted. However, the confirmation e-mail is no where in my e-mail account, not even in the spam box. I do understand that it takes time to issue the ticket, but I expect to get some response. Since there is no confirmation e-mail, I cannot be sure that everything would go smoothly. And, lastly, if Heidrun was to do that, he should have done it before I was told to contact the airline.

      • September 10, 2010 9:49 am

        Yes, I fully agree. And I understand your point of view. Although we constantly try to improve our services, this time we pretty much failed… sorry!

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