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GSoC 2009 with Geeklog (AptitudeCMS, actually)

April 24, 2009

Okay, it’s time to blog again. Google Summer of Code announced the accepted organizations last month. I was a bit disappointed as I had talked with the TeX Users Group about a project, but, unfortunately, they didn’t get accepted. I could voluntarily work for them but Google name on my CV sound very cool. So, I needed to come up with new plans.

After glaring at the project list for sometimes, I decided to pick 3 that matched my interest the best: Creative Commons, Geeklog, and GenMAPP. I like Creative Commons license so I picked Creative Commons. I was fascinated by text search technology so I picked “Taxonomy and Tagging plugin for AptitudeCMS (Geeklog2)”. For some unknown reason, I love Bioinformatics so I picked GenMAPP.

I submitted proposal and forgot them for a while as I still had (and have) a lot of work to do before summer come. Then, the result came out last weekend. I didn’t expect anything since I was turned down by MS and Google earlier this year, though probably because of visa issue. Still, I felt very excited when I saw the result. I’m in the GSoC with Geeklog!

As I said earlier, my project is actually for AptitudeCMS (formeyly Geeklog2). My mentor would be Tony Bibbs. I really can’t wait for the summer to come, but for now I have to take 9 exams. It’s a bit crazy, I will blog about this later. For now, I’d better go back to study.

P.S. I have twitter account now: @kittipatv

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