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Chinese lesson #1

February 10, 2009

There are 37 sounds and 4 tones in Chinese. You can hear all the sound at The tones, however, are quite hard to explain. I’ll cover this in more details later on. Below are examples of words and how they are composed. Since I couldn’t type the tone mark, the number of tone are presented instead.

ㄅ : 爸爸 – ㄅㄚ4 – dad
ㄆ : 花瓶 – ㄏㄨㄚ1 + ㄆ一ㄥ2 – vase
ㄇ : 媽媽 – ㄇㄚ1 – mom
ㄈ : 方法 – ㄈㄤ1 + ㄈㄚ3 – method

And there are two forms of “you”: male (你) and female (妳). I took a mistake by using the male one to greet my girlfriend’s sister -_-“.

You may want to check out MDBG Chinese-English dictionary. It’s really cool.

Disclaimer: I wrote this as a note for myself. I do not guarantee correctness. Use it at your own risk. License: CC-BY-NC

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