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What should I do?

November 10, 2007

I’ve been waiting for the TOEFL score report for full three weeks and it showed up this morning. I got 93 out of 120 — iBT score. Well, it’s just like what I expected. However; it’s on the lower bound 😦 That’s a bit sad. The problem is that even though the aggregated score is enough to apply for many schools, my speaking score is so mediocre. If my performance on the section is as good as that of other sections, my total score would be touching 110. I know I have some problems with the grammar. And I also have limitation in vocabulary. But I don’t think that these problems would put my score that low. I believe that the way I articulate contributed most for my lower score. This left me with a problem, how could I improve my speaking skill?

The answer to the question seems very clear, KEEP PRACTICING! But it’s very hard to realize. I’m not living in English speaking country. And, there’s nobody around who could help me articulate correctly. I’m looking for a course but it’s very hard to find. Most of language schools focus on how to come up with something to speak but that’s not my problem. Well, sometimes it is, yet it is not something that I can’t work around myself. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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