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Thailand won Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2007!

August 10, 2007


I know they’re great. I know they could win. Still, I’m totally excited to learn the news. From my experience in last year’s world final, the world final is one of the thing you can’t predict.

Their application is “LiveBook!”. It makes books more accessible and more informative. It does two things to achieve those functionalities. First, it can read any book for you. Though, currently, it’s only able to read English but it shouldn’t be much harder to implement other languages into it. Second, it puts hypertext layer (think of links on web pages) on the book (actually, on the image of the book on the screen.) This hypertext layer links words in the book to its entry in online encyclopedia like MSN Encarta and Wikipedia. Beside these useful functions, it also comes with cool 3D interface. And all of this is done in real-time, so they call it “LiveBook!”. (Yes, I know it sound like MS thing. I haven’t asked them about this, but it’s not accident.)

Microsoft Announces Imagine Cup 2007 Winners

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