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Don’t let the cab driver drive

August 3, 2007

I was frustrated by a cab driver today. He took me off the way and made me 15-20 minutes late. Moreover; he even charged me full fee. So, as a regular passenger of taxi, I’d like to suggest a rule:

Don’t let the cab driver drive on his/her own.

Especially when you do know how to get to the destination. At best, they know the way just as good as you do. But, in many occasions, they’d ACT like they know. They kept pushing the gas and didn’t listen to anything the passenger say. They confidently steered the wheel until something went wrong. Then they’d start to blame everything but themselves. I don’t know what they were thinking. However; I do know that they weren’t thinking that being on street all day doesn’t make them knows all the streets. I’m so tired of this kind of drivers. I believe any passenger wouldn’t mind directing all the way, if they’d just ask.

After all, I see that it’d be great if there’s a taxi company that passengers can trust. I dream of the company that offers automated cabs. Still, I suspect it wouldn’t happen soon even if the technology permits as the ‘human’ drivers will do everything to save their career.

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