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Day 10 @ KCS

April 18, 2007

Second handful day!!!

I started the day with finding out how to read/write UTF8 file properly. It took me about 3 hours and then I’m on the go. I wrote a word breaking method to get word tokens. And then I was given another job which seemed to be more urgent.

The task was writing SQL statement to generate report. It was easy because somebody had wrote joining statement for me 🙂 All I have to do was group them. Eventhough it was a little task, I spent more than two hours on it.

After I finished the task, I continued writing the program. I planed to count the frequency of each token so I could see the pattern. I struggled again. I clearly saw how to do it but I just couldn’t code it. After some time, I managed to get it run. However, an exception was thrown: OutOfMemoryException. I thought it was thrown because I gave the program too little memory. I gave it more memory, much more than enough memory. Still, the program crashed again. I started to notice that the memory wasn’t the problem. The problem was my program! No matter how much memory given, it would crash. I coded an infinity loop! All my fault! I fixed the loop and it’s all good.

Looking at the result, I was a bit surprised to see that there’re so many token with one or two occurrences. This is the sign saying “BIG PROBLEM AHEAD”. So I put the job on hold and went home.

I feel I’m no programmer. I know what I want but I just can’t program it. Now in a short time. If I were a skilled programmer, I would do this in less than 2 hours. But, no, I’m not. I did it in 8 hours. Would it be better to put me on designing?

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