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My first Java web development experience

April 3, 2007

In order to develop Java web application I need these tools.

  • JDK (Java Development Kit) – This is the basic component of any Java development. If you don’t plan to use enterprise components, the Standard Edition (SE) would be sufficient.
  • Web container – aka Application Server. This software dispatches requests to objects (Servlet) in the application. There’re many implementation of web container. One of the most popular is the Apache Tomcat.
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – This is not essential. You could make Java web application without this tool; however, that’d be a nightmare. There’s two popular options: Eclipse and NetBeans. Generally I prefer Eclipse over NetBeans as I feel it (Eclipse) much faster. Still, this time I picked up NetBeans as the project I was assigned is developed under NetBeans.

That’re all the tools I need (so do you, in general case.)
The basic of all Java web applications is Servlet. JSP (JavaServer Pages), JSF (JavaServer Faces), and all other Java’s web technologies are specialization of Servlet. They’re transparently compiled into Servlet.
JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity) provides the unified way to access relational databasae.
I’m still not clearly understand how to put these things together. I’ll cover them up later when I have hands-on experience. Please correct me if you found something wrong.

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